Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Small Brown Bird

I've just read a good news story over at David Lemon's blog about a film called The Hide.

A film about listers ("twitchers" to the less than savvy) - imagine that! Sounds excellent.

(photograph copyright Robin Newlin)

And then I realised that I have never blogged about my own lister movie that never quite made it to the big screen.

Small Brown Bird was my third attempt to write a screenplay (one day I'll tell you about Musclebound Hero and Glen Haggis). It got me my first (token) option fee, and an introduction to a BBC producer. That producer introduced me to my agent, and got me writing for Doctors. And, somewhere along the line, I'm pretty sure it played a part in getting me into the BBC Writers' Academy.

So, although it never got made, I am extremely fond of Small Brown Bird.

The option ran out years ago. But, as birding movies are clearly in the zeitgeist, allow me to pimp it one more time...

Sylvia’s social life is about as barren as the wildlife reserve she manages, until a rare migrant bird tempts several hundred birdwatching men into her remote and fragile world, including Henry - an investment analyst, renowned warbler expert and confirmed bachelor.

If anyone's interested in a low-budget, rural, romantic comedy about a lost Phylloscopus coronatus, give me a call.


David Lemon said...

Hi Paul
just when Bill Oddie goes off into hiding it would seems bird watching is back in vogue.
Can't see any overlap with 'Small Brown Bird' as 'The Hide' is a psychological thriller and a two-hander. Would say more but the spoiler police are already after me for previous crimes...

Splinter073 said...

I was going to write one called "Little Brown Fish", but the League of Gentlemen spoilt that one!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Small Brown Bird. I remember it well... back in the days when we were both starting out.

Paul Campbell said...

Six years ago, Jane!

Tom Murphy said...

Hi Paul

We're going to a preview of The Hide, with a Q&A with the director (Marek Losey), at the BFI on 30 July.


Give us a shout if you're going and we can share a pint in the splendid new Riverside bar.

Paul Campbell said...


I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Mr. Campbell who had Razor Magazine?

I'm JAM from www.Liquid-Imagination.com. I was looking for the publisher of Razor Magazine. I'm also at Zoetrope as John Arthur Miller.

If this isn't you, please forgive the intrusion.

Paul Campbell said...


No. Not me.

No problem.