Monday, 26 May 2014


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When Zara tracks down Edwin's drug-addicted son, she soon realises that her own life is in danger. Karen's immersion therapy with her family soon turns to disaster. Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe introduces Josh to Viv - but what will she make of his dark past?

A bit if advance warning this time, because my next episode of Doctors is Part II of a two-parter, and it won't make much sense unless you've watched the first half.

So, Part I is on this Friday.  It's called The Kiss, and it's from the prolific keyboard of Lol Fletcher.

When a former lover begs Zara to help save his son, she is put in an impossible position. Rob and the staff at the Mill are overwrought when Karen disappears.

Lol left me with a great cliff-hanger at the end to keep you all in suspense over the weekend...

And on Monday it's my ep, called Sacrifice.  BBC1 - 14:45.  And on iPlayer for a week thereafter.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Face in the Mirror

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A reluctant Zara gets caught up in an unusual love triangle. Jimmi is shocked to find Chris in prison, while Karen has a challenging session with Anna.

Yep, it's another episode from the word-processor of yours truly.  I think I might even go so far as to recommend this one.  Lots of juicy on-going serial to confuse those of you who don't watch regularly, and a silly story of the day.  Great guest actors, and really good performances from all the regulars.

Thursday, 13:45, BBC1, and for a week thereafter on iPlayer.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Fairy Gold

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I've been shunted.

Doctors on Friday was cancelled so we could all watch Team GB lose the Curling final.

So Friday's episode will now be on Monday at the usual time.  And my episode will be immediately afterwards.  So that's the later time of 14:15.
Emma has to look after two women who wake up in the police cells after a heavy night of drinking during a hen do - but what really happened between them?
It is the day of Joe's christening, can Daniel and Zara go through with it? Meanwhile, Jimmi sees Hermione for a make-or-break discussion on their relationship.

Enjoy the double bill.

Thursday, 7 November 2013


Here's another Doctors ep for you...

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Mandy tries to make peace between a mother-daughter combo who are both on the verge of becoming single parents. Jack cannot stay away from Karen in the hospital and gets drawn into conversation with her. Unable to reveal his true identity to her, he is left to discover new things about this strange woman who looks like his mother but isn't.

Monday 11 November, BBC1, 13:45 and on iPlayer for a week thereafter.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Me. Talking.

Rather surprisingly, I find myself on the event schedule for the London Screenwriters' Festival.  Apparently, I am going to enlighten a rapt audience with my thoughts on the process of writing an episode of Doctors.  The wonderful Jamie Hewitt will be there too, explaining his role as script editor for the particular episode we'll be discussing.

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Interestingly, it's an episode I forgot to post about here because I was on holiday when it was broadcast.  It was called Under Observation, and it was broadcast back in August.  It's the one where Jas finally decides to report Al for stalking her.  A slightly unusual episode, because there is no "story of the day" - it's all serial.  There's a 2-minute clip on the BBC website, if you're interested, here.

If you've signed up for the Festival, then do come along.  Somewhere in your delegate pack you'll find links to a copy of the commissioning paperwork, my screenplay and the final episode, as broadcast.  It's called "Script to Screen" and I guess that's what we'll be discussing.  If you haven't signed up for the Festival already, then it's probably too late - I think they've sold out.