Monday, 15 June 2009



ITV have cancelled Primeval.

I stopped watching The Bill through lack of time.
I never watched Heartbeat anyway.
The Royal never seemed my kind of thing.

But now they've cancelled Primeval.
Now I'll never know how they get down from that tree and back home to the present.

Just when it was getting good.

It had a 25% audience share. 4-5 million. And I bet it was a desirable demographic.

What's going on?


laurence timms said...

Perhaps they reckon they've got something better in development.

I don't know, maybe they're going to reboot the show using the animatronics from the live Walking with Dinosaurs show as a cost reduction measure.

Adaddinsane said...

Yes, I was really liking this series too.

ITV claim they want to do post-watershed drama instead, So they'll fill up the early evening schedules with (what I personally would call) rubbish.

That means they'll do the cheapest possible contemporary stuff for post-9pm. But that will no doubt be pap as well, but with gratuitous sex and violence in a vain attempt to boost ratings.

Plus they'll undoubtedly claim that obviously, since they canceled Primeval, SF doesn't work.

But yes, it had respectable ratings. What they really need are better ad sales people.

Tom Murphy said...

Hi Paul

Further to AS's comments above, this is from Broadcast:

ITV has axed Impossible Pictures’ dinosaur drama Primeval to focus on drama aired after 9pm.

An ITV spokesman confirmed there were no further plans for a fourth series as the broadcaster looked to extract “maximum value” from its programming budget.

“Our current focus is on post-watershed dramas,” he said, although it is understood that ITV will not rule out commissioning or airing pre-watershed dramas entirely.


Mikey Dred said...

just get into Being Human - BBC3 - absolutely brilliant

Roger Morris said...

It was a popular show in our household! Great fun to tide you over till the next series of Dr Who. How will I tell the kids?

MarkE said...

Didn't sell, although it pisses all over Dr Who in Asia apparently. Poor dvd sales. Over-formatted. Too expensive all round.

Tim Clague said...

Indeed - just too expensive. That's it. Bottom line is - they have half the money per hour as 10 years ago. Or... if you want to be really downbeat about it... that money is gone and it aint coming back. No more big TV.

Lisa said...

Well, this has gone down like a lead balloon in our house!! It wasn't always great but it was definitely 'family viewing' and that's a good thing. I can't stand reality tv, which my kids love, so being able to sit down and watch something together and have a good old talk about it was great. With Dr Who only airing four episodes this year and Merlin off air til later on - it's going to be cheap as chips telly which doesn't bode well for quality.