Thursday, 14 May 2009

Star Trek Movie is Disappointment

Personally, I thought it was pretty marvelous.

But go here and find out why true fans are so disappointed with the new Star Trek film.



Adaddinsane said...

Well I happen to know one "true fan" and he thought it was bloody brilliant. Of course "true fan" might mean someone who is stuck in the 1960s and incapable of accepting any original concept. Luckily most people aren't like that.

But then my friend wrote this piece of genius ret-con on Star Wars:

rob said...

IO9 ran an interesting piece about the media 'interpretation' of Trek fan reaction here...

Mikey Dred said...

Glad you liked it , off to see it next Wednesday Orange Wednesdays.

Love the Onion piece

Past Expiry said...

I guess I'm "old school". I prefer the original star trek series, back
in the day when doing endorsements was unheard of. But if Kirk did
do endorsements, would it be like this cartoon??


sexy said...