Wednesday, 2 July 2008

RTD Speaks Wisely

Russell T, as quoted recently by Jane Tranter,...

"I think it's really hard to say you love television. It's easy to stand up and say I love opera I love film I love theatre. And people say oh marvellous it's quite right… but it's hard to say you love television. If you do, you sound trivial, superficial, and I'm not. I'm clever. And I know what I'm talking about, and I think it's monstrously unsung as an art form..."

What a wise old owl.


John said...

He's not that old.... but wise, yeah! And a genius too. Have you seen the last few weeks of Dr Who? Absolute over-the-top, exciting, fun, dramatic, joy. And 65 mins to come on Sat! Can't wait!!! How's EEs coming, by the way?

David Lemon said...

Hi Paul
RTD is spot-on; there's such a huge, all pervasive sobbery about the medium especially compared to film. No medium has the monopoly on 'good work' and you don't have to look to the US and HBO for quality drama- 'Criminal Justice' proved that.
-And as you know, continuing series can also be, in a very unshow-y way, brilliant and moving.

It's also a medium where writers
can, on occasion, get something resembling respect as you need them to keep coming back to fill up all those hours.
Whereas film...