Thursday, 26 June 2008

Quarts Into Pint Pots

I am discovering that one episode of EastEnders contains an awful lot of stuff.

And it's not very long.

"Come in late and get out quick" has never seemed so relevant.

Draft One is due in on Monday. A bit of pruning's required, I think.


Jon Peacey said...

At University, I wrote an episode of Doctors as an exercise. 80 minutes on the first draft it was... Ouch! Helped convince me I may not be TV material.

Good luck with those secateurs! :)

John said...

Yeah, my Sharps entry was a bit of an attempt to deal with multi-story/character in 30 mins and it was a real eye-opener in how to tell a story quickly without the fluff. Although, it turns out it wasn't such an eye-opener for the BBC Writersroom peeps.... Better luck next time....