Thursday, 17 July 2008

Dr Horrible Rocks

Well, he sings anyway.

Dr Horrible

Pure, unadulterated genius.

Watch it. Or regret it.

Yeah, I know. Been a bit thin on the ground, blogging-wise, recently. Not a problem. EE seems to be going OK. Enjoying it, in fact. But got nothing much I can share at the mo.

One of the things about EastEnders is that you get definite breaks while they cast their eyes over your work. So, I handed in draft number two on Monday, and they won't get back to me until Friday (probably). Which means I get a bit of time back to make up for the time spent writing over the weekend.

And I've been working on this great idea for a TV Series. Let's call it Project X*. I'm excited about it. I'd watch it. But I have a sneaking suspicion that nobody else would. Still, I'm seeing what happens, doing a bit of research, letting it bed down. I'll be back on the EastEnders horse over the weekend and most of next week, so maybe I'll just let this one gel/brew/stew/bubble/mature and see if there's still anything worth the pitch when I get back to it.

* It's not actually called "Project X", of course. You knew that.


John said...

Glad to hear EE is going well. You lucky so and so....

David Lemon said...

Pleased to hear things are going well on the Academy- do let everyone know when your episodes air.