Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Well, the Planning meeting was a lot of fun. It makes you feel like a real insider, knowing exactly what's coming up over the next six to eight months.

And the Commissioning meeting was fun too, though a bit scary. They're a very positive, supportive, ambitious, creative bunch of folks. I can't report back to you all that they loved my ideas - there was no spontaneous round of applause as I revealed my wonderful new storylines. But they didn't laugh. They didn't ask whether I had any other, different, ideas. And they came up with lots of useful thoughts (as well as some genuine issues which I'm going to have to address if the idea's going to work).

So, I passed. Just (I think).

Now I have to prove that I was right and that they were right to trust me to get it right.


David Bishop said...

Casualty's been great stuff the last couple of weeks. Good luck with your ep, must be very exciting [and trouser-browningly terrifying].

John Fox said...

Well done!

David Lemon said...

Well done, sir. I always think if you're not a bit worried at such things then you're either insufferably cocky, stupid or both. I'm sure you did a top notch job.
I'm applying to the comedy academy and finally seeing a rough cut tonight of 'Faintheart'.
Hope some of the original script survived...

Steve Kane said...

Congratulations, sir. I always thought the best bit of Casualty was trying to guess exactly what hideous accident would befall the guest cast. I trust your ideas are suitably innovative. Heh heh.