Monday, 11 February 2008

Me, Nervous?

Just a bit.

My first ever commissioning meeting tomorrow.

Casualty. For real.

There's a Planning meeting in the morning with a whole bunch of people to discuss the overall arc of the serial story over the first 12 episodes of Casualty Season 23. That'll be fine - listen carefully, try to make a few wise comments and suggestions, don't make a fool of myself.

But, in the afternoon, three of us stay behind to pitch our ideas for how we're going to handle our particular episodes. That means we need to have guest stories worked out, and an overall approach to how we're going to tell our chunk of serial. I'm prepared. I know what I want to do.

But, what if they don't like it?


Lucy said...

Cripes! But very cool my friend. Wish it was me of course, but I will graciously let you go and NOT murder you and wear your skin in order to go instead. Oh shit, said too much again...

Piers said...

How could they not?