Wednesday, 26 September 2007


It's Wednesday.

In the world of the BBC Writers Academy (do I sound pleased with myself, or what?), Wednesday means homework.

Actually, the weekend means homework too. And it's not been unknown on a Monday or a Thursday. Tuesday and Friday don't seem beyond the realms of possibility either.

This course is bloody hard work. And we've barely started.

So, today I have to create and deliver a treatment for a half hour adaptation of a fairy tale, a synopsis of a Holby City story, and a synopsis of a Doctors story. It's not entirely from scratch, because we've been talking about them and working up ideas. But it's still a lot of story between now and the deadline in just under 24 hours.

So, I'd better get started.

Maybe I'll just get myself a cup of tea first.


Anonymous said...
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Paul Campbell said...

Dear Anonymous

I've just removed your post. Sorry. No hassle etc, but I did say that I wouldn't be getting into personal details of anyone else on the course.