Friday, 20 October 2006

Back soon.

OK, so anybody who's been bothering to turn up lately has had to blow the cobwebs off first.

Guilty as charged.

But then this blog is supposed to be about my writing career, and I haven't really had one for the last few months. Money earning has been the name of the game - earning some money so I can afford to try to earn some money writing.

Anyway, the current contract comes to an end at the end of this month, and then I'll be back at the PC, screenwriting away like anything.

Actually, it's got to start a bit sooner than that. The man from the BBC quite likes my idea for a radio play (see the previous post from way back when) - it got through to a shortlist, and then survived a live pitch (not by me - by the producer). Now it needs to be officially submitted.

Exciting news, eh? The only problem is that I now have to put together a more detailed treatment - overview, character outlines, storyline and some sample/illustrative scenes by the end of the month, just when the day job is reaching a crescendo of long hours and ridiculous deadlines. But I shall find a way.

And another wee bit of writing news to end on. A letter arrives in the post today telling me that the BBC has paid me an additional £432.15 for my episode of 'Doctors'. It's the 'Public Service Fee', apparently. I've no idea what it means, but I don't think I'll send it back.


Anonymous said...

The Public Service Fee is sweet. And I just got a (much needed) cheque for some satellite repeats, or something. A few hundred pounds. Nice!

Anonymous said...

The news just gets betterer and betterer.

As someone said to me, don't spend it all at once!

Good luck with the radio play. Wonderful form, radio, for drama. You can take your characters anywhere, make the sets as lavish as you like, call in thousands of extras, even have CGI monsters, in the minds of the listener at least. Or you can set it all in a featureless limbo. 'S'up to you.

Anonymous said...

Oh to paid for day, one day soon. Spend it wisely ;-)