Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Another go at radio

I've just successfully pitched an idea for a BBC Radio 4 "Afternoon Play" to an independent producer, who will now pitch it to the man at the Beeb.

I'm pleased that she likes it, but the question is, "will he?"

He liked "After the Quints", which we submitted to the last round, but then decided not to commission it.

So, it's fingers crossed that he likes "Bombay Girl", and that (this time) he remembers that he likes it when he gets around to the actual commissioning.


Anonymous said...

Crossing fingers, touching wood.


Nik's Blog said...

My fingers are crossed for you as well.

Best of luck, Paul.

Nik Perring.

Paul Campbell said...

Thanks, Shell.

ANd nice to meet you, Nik. I hope the launch goes well.

Richard Dinnick said...

Good luck from me, too!

It always amazed me how loooong these things can take!