Friday, 9 July 2021

Something Different


Copyright BBC

Unearthing a box of her Mum’s belongings, Taz is pulled into a mystery surrounding the fate of local woods. To solve it, she will have to come face to face with tough memories.

Not an episode of Doctors. Blimey! 

An episode of the CBBC show "The Dumping Ground". A lot of work, and a lot of getting used to writing for a different show and a different audience, but it's all come good. "The Diwata of Ogleton Wood" is available on iPlayer now, and probably forever.


Michelle said...

Wow - new direction? Damn - wish I could watch iplayer up here.

Well done!!

Robert Fox said...

Oooooo! Loved Tracy Beaker as a kid. Gonna have to use this as a chance to dive back into your work! :)