Friday, 1 August 2014

Doctors and EastEnders Double Bill

It's all happening...

First up... Doctors, and an episode called Eppur Si Muove.  As Heston will tell you, this is Italian for something.

Image Copyright BBC

After he finds more evidence of intrusion, Heston's paranoia gets out of control. Is Mrs Tembe making a huge mistake by pushing Josh towards Claire?

That one's on BBC 1 at 13:45 on Thursday 7th August.  I'm telling you now because I'm about to shoot off on holiday and won't be around to remind you (yes, I know I could access remotely from wherever I happen to be - but I'll forget).

And then (I'm very excited about this), I have an episode of EastEnders on the following day.

Image Copyright BBC

Cora comes face-to-face with a blast from the past but how will she react?  Linda is distraught when a former ally makes a damning revelation.  Financial concerns are cast aside as Kat and Alfie's lives are changed forever.

And that one's on BBC 1 at 20:00 on Friday 8th August, repeated on BBC 3 at 22:30, and shown again as part of the Omnibus on BBC 1 at 23:45.

Both shows available on iPlayer for about a week thereafter.

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Fantastic news! Congrats!!