Monday, 26 May 2014


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When Zara tracks down Edwin's drug-addicted son, she soon realises that her own life is in danger. Karen's immersion therapy with her family soon turns to disaster. Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe introduces Josh to Viv - but what will she make of his dark past?

A bit if advance warning this time, because my next episode of Doctors is Part II of a two-parter, and it won't make much sense unless you've watched the first half.

So, Part I is on this Friday.  It's called The Kiss, and it's from the prolific keyboard of Lol Fletcher.

When a former lover begs Zara to help save his son, she is put in an impossible position. Rob and the staff at the Mill are overwrought when Karen disappears.

Lol left me with a great cliff-hanger at the end to keep you all in suspense over the weekend...

And on Monday it's my ep, called Sacrifice.  BBC1 - 14:45.  And on iPlayer for a week thereafter.

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