Thursday, 31 March 2011

Script Frenzy

Remember me?

Just a quick update. Haven't done one of those in many a long month.

Keeping busy with Doctors at the moment - see up there in the top right hand corner...

But have been ridiculously neglectful of spec projects. They're floundering at various stages between outline and second draft. And I'm feeling directionless.


... although the timing is not auspicious (with a Doctors first draft due on Thursday, and rewrites thereafter), I'm having another go at Script Frenzy.

"Script What?!" Why, Script Frenzy, of course. Write a script from start to finish in April. It's a daft idea, but I'm going for it.

If you're doing it too, come along and say hello. My name's Paul C, and the project's called "Emperor"

It's the first part of a 6 part TV drama thing. Probably. We'll see.

What with Doctors and the fact that I don't have much more than a concept at the moment, I probably won't start Scene One until halfway through the month. I'll report back here on 1st May and let you know whether I reached FADE OUT.


Adaddinsane said...

I am also Frenzying - it's a good deadline. But on ScriptFrenzy I am GilesWemmbleyHogg (two Ms, two Gs).

And today's validation word is "inera" - to be in the state of having done something incorrect.

Paul Campbell said...

And I've just realised that I had forgotten to take into account the fact that Easter is on its way.
Kids out of school = less writing time.
Oh, well. Wot larks!

Chris Sheridan said...

I just stumbled across this and I'm SO glad I did. Thanks for all the useful info!

Helen Smith said...

It's always nice to see a post from you, Paul. Congratulations on getting so many Doctors episodes produced this year.

Paul Campbell said...

Thank you, lovely Helen. Though the Doctors is scuppering all the Screnzy plans at the moment! Maybe I'll have my own little May Screnzy after everyone else has finished the April version.