Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow Will Clear By Next Tuesday

I can most definitely assure everyone in the Letherbridge area that the snow will have completely cleared by Tuesday 7 December.

That day's episode of Doctors will feature a mild sunny climate without a trace of all this horrible white stuff.

And I know this because I have seen the episode in advance.

And I have seen the episode in advance because I wrote it.

I like this episode, and what they've done with it. It's all lighthearted nonsense (apart from the really grim bits), so make a note in the calendar, set your recorders, and enjoy some snow-free frivolity next Tuesday.



Aces. Any chance Letherbridge can relocate to Scotland? I could do with a snow-free day.

Looking forward to your ep. And I see you've got another up your sleeve for next May. Nice work!

WV: glowea - how your toes feel ten minutes after you come back indoors from the current weather.

Anonymous said...

Letherbridge has sunny weather when we have snow and snow when we have sun :). Still that's what makes Doctors enjoyable. Shall look forward to it Paul!

Audrey said...

I agree! I'm so over winter at this point.