Friday, 23 October 2009

Small Brown Bird - for real

A long time ago, when I was much younger than I am today, I wrote a little romantic comedy called Small Brown Bird. It never got made, but it was optioned for a while and it opened a few doors for me. I blogged about it quite recently here.

It was about a naturalist and a fanatical birdwatcher brought together by the unexpected arrival of a rare migrant never before seen in the UK - an Eastern Crowned Warbler.

I did a lot of research into rare birds before deciding that my rare migrant would be an Eastern Crowned Warbler. It had to be inconspicuous, but attractive. And it had to be something that would really make any self-respecting twitcher sit up and take note.

The whole script was written on the basis that this species had never before turned up in this country.

And now...

... it has.


I know the chances of my little script ever being picked up was always pretty minimal, but now, if it does, I'll have to go right back to the very beginning and find a new "small brown bird" to base the whole thing on.

I'm very upset.

But I'm also very pleased to see that thousands of twitchers are indeed heading north to see this little creature. Just like in my script.

Wouldn't it be nice if, amongst the thousands, at least two of them find love as well. Just like in my script.


Near by said...

Must be all good...

Piers said...

Seems to me that now might be the ideal time to start sending it out again, then...

Paul Campbell said...

The same thought had occurred to me, Piers!

Piers said...

Perhaps you should also became some latter-day cupid, travelling to South Shields and helping listers find love while there? Incognito, of course.

That way you'd get another publicity boost when they marry.

Yes, I'm full of the helpful suggestions today.

Robin Kelly said...

To be honest you could make up a bird and it wouldn't bother me in the slightest ('Great Robin'?). Ideally it would be authentic for twitchers but they are a tiny proportion of the audience. Authenticity in character and story matters more to me.