Monday, 9 June 2008

In the Shed

Well, here I am. Back in the shed. Plotting.

Friday went well. Met lots of nice people, and talked EastEnders. Had a chance to ask questions about my episode and think it through - it has some challenges, but, basically, it's a cracker.

Now I'm back in my shed in the garden trying to work out how it all needs to fit together, and how to make it fun to watch.

So far, so good.


Helen Smith said...

Yay. Good for you xx

David Lemon said...

Hi Paul

heartened to hear it, you talented so and so.

Piers said...

You must show us pictures of your magical writing shed, that we may be inspired.

Anonymous said...

It's clearly a plotting shed.

Good luck!


Lucy said...

GROAN JB - I love it, if it were cheese it would be roquefort.

And you roque yourself Paul!