Thursday, 15 May 2008

Casualty Casualty

Regular readers will have noticed that I haven't been my usual chatty self when it comes to the Casualty commission.

Well, that's because it's been a bit of a nightmare! That's not to say it hasn't been a lot of fun too. But I have struggled to find my Casualty feet. It's been a big step up from half hour, stand-alone episodes of Doctors to fifty minutes of serial and guest stories involving complex medical stuff.

Anyway, after three and a half months of constant effort, the team down in Bristol finally decided that I needed some help. With less than five weeks to go before shooting starts, they still weren't happy with the script, so they have taken the understandable decision to hand it over to one of their more experienced core writers to get it up to scratch in time.

So, how do I feel about that?

Hmm. Obviously, I am terribly disappointed that my first attempt to write for this market has not been an outstanding success. And nobody likes to be rewritten (in fact, it's never happened to me before).

But, I have learnt so much in the last three and half months. And the team in Bristol have been really supportive. I don't blame them for this decision (I'm just surprised they didn't make it sooner!). And the silver lining is that they have invited me back to try again at the end of the year.

Something will be broadcast on 20 September. It will probably have my name on it. It might have someone else's name as well. It might, or might not, bear some resemblance to some of the stuff I've been writing all these months. We shall have to wait and see.

In the meantime, I suddenly have some free time. If only the weather hadn't turned, I could have been out there mowing the lawn and doing some weeding.

It has been a difficult time. Any job is hard when you know you're not delivering what the boss wants. But, for better or for worse, it is now over.

Roll on EastEnders. I have a commissioning meeting sometime early next month.


Piers said...

Ow. Sorry to hear that.

Better luck with the Stenders.

Helen Smith said...

Sorry to hear it. Sounds like an awful few months. A good learning experience and all the rest of it. But still...

potdoll said...

I hope it's a relief as well as a disappointment. And your Eastenders will ROCK.

Lucy said...

What they all said... With a cherry on top. And a splash - make that a torrent - of vodka.

David Bishop said...

I've had a final polish imposed a couple of projects, mostly due to time pressures. It's frustrating that you can get the script all the way to the finishing line, but can also be instructive - what stays, what goes.

Chances are most of the changes will make it better in your eyes, but some will jar. It's not the end of the world, but can take a while to get past the mourning process.

Chin up and keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear they've ripped your baby from you. Good luck with East Enders.


Oli said...

At least you're struggling at something you love - most people will go through similar tribulations in jobs they don't give a fuck about - that was sincerely meant to sound encouraging, rather than jealous, btw.

Anonymous said...

What he said. I hope you really get the chance to prove yourself at EE.

John said...

They picked you out of loads of other people to do the academy because you deserved to be there. You've already proven yourself. I'm sure your EEs will be great!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Let's know what happens with EE
as soon as you can. can't wait. You deserve a big handclap anyway, darling. Trisha jo