Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The White Queen

I've just had final notes on my next Doctors episode - a long conversation on the phone and four pages of scribbles. Now I've just got to incorporate them into the script by Friday afternoon.

And that's it. Draft #4 heads in the direction of the BBC, and a cheque comes back in this direction. Hurray!

They still get to play with the script a bit more if they want to. But then the team get together and turn those words into a real-life episode of Doctors to be broadcast in 4 and a half months' time on 24 October.

It's called 'The White Queen', and it's all about... Well, maybe I'd better leave it at that.


Gavin Parish said...

Hi - found your blog yesterday evening and found it very interesting; your journey to getting commissioned has not deterred me in the slightest!

I'm currently attending an evening course run by someone who's written about a dozen episodes of Doctors, and am myself working on a half hour calling card script to send to the BBC. You may not be in a position to answer this, but is the door currently closed to new writers who would like to write for Doctors but can't get in via the Writers Academy? (and who go instead through the Writer's Room or a script editor associated with the show?)

Any thoughts on this much appreciated, and I'll watch out for your latest episode later in the year!

Paul Campbell said...

Hi Gavin

I think, unless you get a personal recommendation to someone on the show, the only way in at the moment is through the writers room.

Not sure though.

Good luck anyway!

Gavin Parish said...

Thanks Paul

I figure I'll chance it with a submission to Writers Room and a covering note expressing my interest in Doctors - I've been watching the show (and of equal importance, enjoying it!), analysing the scripts online and working on something of my own that is not too vastly different in tone, so fingers crossed that they like what they see.

Good luck to you with the Writers Academy.