Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines

So, the Doctors episode is finally put to bed (last minute hitch when they realised it was too long and I had to spend yesterday cutting it down to size).

So, "What's next?", I say to myself.

And then I panic. July is jam-packed full of deadlines. I've known about them for ages, but then they sort of disappeared into the background. But now they're looming.
  • ASAP. Now (like, right now) would be a good time to get more Doctors ideas submitted while they still remember how much they like my work.
  • 5 July. Cheltenham Screenwriters Festival. Not a deadline exactly, but it would be good to have a few treatments in my bag when I get there (all that networking, you know).
  • 9 July. First interviews for the BBC Writers' Academy. I probably won't be called, but there's no point applying unless you're ready when the time comes. So that means spending a bit of time thinking about continuing drama, and preparing for the inquisition.
  • 13 July. UK Film Council "25 Words or Less" deadline. One page summary and ten pages of script. Oh, yes, and I need a story.
And I have 8 "writing days" between now and 5 July.

Hmm. Discipline and dedication required.

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