Sunday, 31 December 2006

New Year's whatjermecallits

Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions. So difficult to make, even harder to keep. This year, the most important resolution is to keep all the others. And here they are...

1. Inundate the BBC with story ideas for Doctors, so that they have no excuse for not giving me more commissions.

2. ... get at least three more commissions for Doctors over the course of the year.

3. Apply for (and be accepted into) the BBC Writers' Academy.

4. ... and, as a result, get at least one commission for Eastenders, Holby City or Casualty.

5. Get my radio play commissioned by BBC 4 for The Afternoon Play.

6. Get at least half a dozen TV series ideas to my agent, and have her hawk them around the industry.

7. ... and get at least one meeting out of the process.

8. Go to the Cheltenham Screenwriting Festival again.

9. If the Film Council ever get around to running another 25 Words or Less, apply for it and (this time) win the £10,000 (rather than just getting within sniffing distance*).

10. If the UKFC don't run the scheme again, work up at least one feature film concept, write the opening ten pages and get my agent to hawk it around (including to the Film Council).

11. Make some money from writing.

12. Have fun.

* It's a good job I wasn't blogging at the time when I got shortlisted. It was very frustrating, and I might have been tempted to say something very indiscreet.


Bang2Write said...

I will see you at the BBC Writer's Academy my friend. Oh yes. Will be applying AND getting a place. And if I don't, the BBC better be VERY afraid...

Happy New Year by the way.

Paul Campbell said...

Hi, classmate-to-be!

We can but dream...

Actually, glancing again at my list of resolutions, they look more like aspirations.

Optimistic_Reader said...

Good luck with those resolutions and Happy new Year!

Yippee said...

A discreet version of your Film Council experience would be very interesting...

Paul Campbell said...
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Paul Campbell said...

Hi, Opti. Happy New one to you too.

Hi, Yippee. Well, I posted something, then thought better of it. Buy me a pint sometime and maybe you'll get the whole story.

roger said...

Good luck with those, Paul. Quite a list. If they all come off, you'll have a pretty full year ahead of you.


PS - the verification code I just had to type was prbold, which seems to have some significance and almost seems like an exhortation, or an omen???

Paul Campbell said...

I'm already feeling a bit intimidated by the list - must have been full of confidence (or alcohol) at the time I wrote it!

PRBOLD sounds like good advice - certainly better than PNZLGN, which is what I'm being asked to type.

Looking forward to getting my copy of your latest, Roger. I hope it sells well. Have you sold the TV/Film rights yet?