Thursday, 8 June 2006

Good news and bad news... and other good news.

Good news is that my Doctors scene by scene was much appreciated. They've suggested one major change though, which will require a thorough reworking. But the tone of the comments was very positive.

Bad news is that I'm back to the real world of the commuter next week (or maybe the week after). A short term contract back with my former employers is not getting me any closer to making a living from writing, but it does pay the bills in the meantime. So, I'll be tidying up a few ideas and getting them off to my agent before checking that the suits and shirts still fit and looking up train times into Canary Wharf. Oh, well, it's not for ever. And, as 'real jobs' go, it's pretty good. And we really could do with the money because...

...we're never going to fit three kids in the back of the Almera. Yes, we who are currently four, shall be five in November. That's the other bit of good news, by the way. Nothing to do with writing, but I thought I'd just mention it.


Optimistic_Reader said...


You have my sympathies re going back to the old job. I only work part-time now but I'm growing increasingly intolerant of the commute. At least its only for a while you're going back, and fingers crossed for you with the doctors thing.

Paul Campbell said...

Thanks, Opti.

The only good thing about commuting is that it gives you some serious self down-time.

But it's still awful.