Monday, 19 June 2006

Commissioned ! (well, nearly)

So, I did a rewrite of the Scene by Scene for an episode of Doctors.

And they like it.

And they're going to commission it. It's in the hands of their contracts people and my agent.

I even have an unconfirmed transmission date (the week of 12 February 2007 - mark it in your diaries now!).

Of course, the fat lady has not yet sung. I still need to do another draft of the Scene by Scene, and then there's the small matter of actually writing the script (not so easy now I've just started the office gig again). But she's definitely warming up those vocal cords right now.



Frankie C. said...

Fan-bloody-tastic, Paul! Well done - Frances

Steve Kane said...

Hurrah indeed!

Well done you.

roger said...

Hey congratulations Paul. In fact, double congratulations - considering the post before this. My, you have been busy!

Lucy said...

about time!!! well done. how was the fest?

Paul Campbell said...

Thanks all.

Danny the Stack's already publicly challenged me for a report on the three-day Fest, so I'll be doing something soonish.