Wednesday, 29 March 2006


Today's tally?

Mainly a whole load of polishing and fine-tuning. My spec features a tall crane - so how tall is a tall crane? About 120 feet if you google the experts. And what rank should my police officers be? Detective Chief Inspector and Detective Sergeant, I think, having queried various police websites. And where should I add something to build on the budding relationship between two of my minor players - still working on that one. etc. etc.

So, it's been a day of fiddling really. But the spec's much better for it.

Tomorrow's a day with my daughter. A bit more fiddling on Friday and it should be in a good enough state to be shared with a few trusted folk. Then the nail-biting begins.

A little bit of good news today. An independent radio producer has read some of my work, seen some of my ideas - and likes them. We have a meeting next week some time to discuss submissions to the BBC.


Optimistic_Reader said...

A day of fiddling can be great. I'm talking about scriptwriting. Really I am.

Caroline said...

Hurrah for the meeting! Keep us posted. And congrats on getting the spec script done, and on the blog. Blimey, so many well dones. We're watching you, you know.


Paul Campbell said...

Crikey! An audience.

roger said...

Good news on the radio meeting. Hope it goes OK.


Paul Campbell said...

Thanks, Roger.

And thanks for dropping by.