Tuesday, 28 March 2006

28 March

No writing today, but that's OK.

Spent the morning reading a script off Zoe (you do know Zoetrope.com?). It was a spec pilot for a British crime drama, so I thought it would be useful to read it, criticise it, and then sit back and see whether the same criticisms applied to my spec. It was a useful exercise. Read it, enjoyed it, wrote to the author, and then re-read Obadiah. Generally speaking, I'm happy with it. But there's still quite a bit to do before I'll feel happy sending it off to my agent (I'm terrified she'll hate it).

So, that's tomorrow sorted.


Fran said...

Hi there Paul.
Looking forward to seeing "Obadiah"
Also looking forward to the party!

Fran said...

Hi Paul

Dito ditto the above comments

from the other Fran

ps love the picture! It's a long time since I saw that one