Friday, 24 March 2006

24 March 2006

Nothing yesterday - I work at this writing malarkay four days a week. Yesterday I was just Dad.

Not bad today, despite losing two or three pages to my increasingly unstable copy of Final Draft. Don't you just hate that? And you always feel sure that the bits that go missing are the finest drama ever written.
Oh, well, I suppose I should think of it as just the first stage of the rewrite process.
Eight and a half pages today. Forty pages down, twenty to go.
Not bad. I suppose I should explain - I'm ploughing my way slowly through the first draft of a spec TV crime show. I've never tried writing this genre before and it's an interesting experience. Everything I've ever been taught about writing drama holds true, but you also have this overwhelming necessity to spin the mystery, to get all the clues in there, to scatter your red herrings etc etc.
Frankly, it's like creating a giant crossword puzzle.
The opening didn't take long, and I'm fairly sure the "library" scene will be straightforward. It's getting through the rest of it without giving away the mystery, but retaining the intrigue, and keeping the interest in your characters.
It's called "Obadiah Morgan" - look out for it your TV screens soon (maybe).

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