Wednesday, 22 March 2006

22 March 2006

Start time: 09:30 (after dropping girls off at educational establishments)
End time: 15:15 (before picking them up again)

Main product: 6 pages of my TV spec detective drama series, Obadiah Morgan

Excessive snacking: ginger biscuit and a pretty large doorstep of chocolate cake at lunch
Invigorating exercise: none
Main time-wasting activity: setting up this Blog

Marks out of ten: 6 (if I'm kind)


roger said...

If I knew there was chocolate cake in the house I would have to eat it immediately so that I can then relax and get on with my work. I'd be too tense and distracted thinking about it otherwise.

Your day sounds pretty much like one of my at homers (I get 2 days a week). Good luck with your crime thing. I've recently got into crime (writing, not committing it) - it's challenging, but it's good to work against some genre restrictions/expectations sometimes. Tests the imagination in new ways, some how.

Welcome to the world of blogging, by the way.


Paul Campbell said...

Thanks, Roger.

Good to see you here.

What's the crime piece? novel, or TV?