Monday 16 January 2023

Catching up...

Oh dear. I've been quite remiss. It seems that three of my Doctors episodes were broadcast without the benefit of a post on this here blog. Let me put that right...

Tradimus Lampada

Photo copyright BBC

Bear discovers a shocking secret, while Emma is stunned to find out who her new neighbours are. Bothered by a secret, Maeve struggles with her house calls all day.

Broadcast on 26 September, but still available on iPlayer.

Pumpkin Soup

Photo copyright BBC
On Halloween, Sid volunteers at a homeless shelter and finds two men from very different backgrounds who have a surprising connection.

Broadcast on 31 October, of course.

Third Thursday of the Month

Photo copyright BBC

Emma struggles to deal with Cassidy's blackmail, and Scarlett worries about Valerie. Ruhma helps three people grieving for their children who died in a bus accident, but she soon discovers all is not what it seems.

Broadcast, despite its title (and slightly annoyingly), on the second Thursday of the month, 8 December.

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