Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Paul has a brand new toy...

Isn't it lovely?!

Click here for groovy pictures and a funky soundtrack.


Anonymous said...

Ooh I'm jealous. I still haven't got with it and bought a laptop. Haven't a clue what to look for and which one to buy.

Maybe Santa will sneak one down the chimney this Xmas.

Jason Arnopp said...

That looks nice, sir. Did you get the six-cell battery pack, for that lovely 7-hours of power? And what's this baby for? Train journeys?

Anonymous said...

Loving it! But what's even better is the funky 70s porn music on the Acer Aspire site. THAT's cool stuff.

Paul Campbell said...

'Tis not a laptop, JR! 'Tis a netbook! Smaller. And niftier. And more desirable.

But a bit short on battery power, Mr A. I'll see how the 3-pack goes, and might upgrade to that lovely 6-pack if required. But it's a lot bigger with the extra battery power - not so sleek and lovely.

And what's it for? Well, train journeys are part of it. And for taking along to script meetings so I can work on stuff then and there. But mainly it's because I keep discovering that script editors have no respect for weekends or holiday plans. I'm fed up with having to cancel trips to see friends and relatives because a draft needs working on. So, this way I get to take my work with me (not ideal, of course, but at least I don't lose the entire weekend).

Stuart Perry said...

I want one! Or any working computer, really. Just caught up with the Casualty episode with your name on it, and I liked it. But I'd have liked your draft better, obviously.

Stuart Perry said...

Paul, thanks to your plug I am now seriously considering an Aspire One as a quick and relatively inexpensive stop gap machine until I can buy a new desktop PC: tell me, what OS did you get with your model - Linux or XP? I'm just wondering how Final Draft would perform if I went with the, much better and cheaper, Linux alternative?

Paul Campbell said...

I should get a commission!

I chickened out when it came to Linux. I checked with the manufacturers of Final Draft, and they said it probably wouldn't work on Linux, or would be unstable, or would appear to work, but then crash.

So, I went for the slightly more expensive version with Windows XP.

And it behaves just as you'd expect XP to behave. It's a bit slower when you turn it on etc, but it seems to be fine.

It has no CD-ROM drive though, so you'll need to be able to copy your installation disc onto a memory stick or something. Worked fine for me, but won't work if your only CD-ROM drive is in your existing PC and doesn't work.

But you could probably copy it across at work (cough, cough), or use an external CD-ROM drive or something.

The other thing to remember, before your old PC completely dies (if it's not too late), is to deactivate Final Draft on it, or you might have problems activating on the Aspire - you can only have it running on two machines at any one time.

Go for it!