Tuesday, 16 May 2017

A Double Dose of Doctors...

Two episodes of mine coming up shortly.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 17 May) we've got...

Whatever We've Got We Share.

Copyright BBC 
Mrs Tembe reluctantly hosts a dinner party, while Jimmi finds himself alone with Megan working late.

And then, on Monday...

Oh, Brother!

Copyright BBC

News of the accident filters back to the Mill, but Sid's reaction surprises them all. Elsewhere, Rob insists he is fine, and Zara tries a bit too hard to be Emma's friend. Karen mixes up two patients who are brothers, leaving Heston to deal with the repercussion when he reveals a serious diagnosis to the wrong man.

Both episodes at 13:45 on BBC1, and available thereafter on the iPlayer for quite a while.

Next month, my fortieth episode!

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