Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Waiting for Gordon

                                                                               (Copyright BBC)
One for the fans of Samuel Beckett.  Not guaranteed to make a great deal of sense to anyone else.
 Ayesha wakes up with Sid but during the day finds his attention too much. Howard feels inspired after meeting an old friend.  Heston has the strangest of days after a sleepless night reading Waiting for Godot.

Confession time.  There is one line in this episode that is not mine.  And it's not Samuel Beckett's either.  I wrote it, and then realised that my subconscious brain had nipped back in time 30 years and stolen the line from Paul Crosland, the famous playwright.  It is used here with kind permission from the original genius.  Spot the line if you can.

I haven't seen this one yet - no advance copy.  So, I'll be watching it live, and probably wondering what on earth I was on at the time I wrote it!

Thursday afternoon, if you've nothing better to do.  And for a month or so thereafter on the iPlayer.

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