Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Me. Talking.

Rather surprisingly, I find myself on the event schedule for the London Screenwriters' Festival.  Apparently, I am going to enlighten a rapt audience with my thoughts on the process of writing an episode of Doctors.  The wonderful Jamie Hewitt will be there too, explaining his role as script editor for the particular episode we'll be discussing.

Photo Copyright BBC
Interestingly, it's an episode I forgot to post about here because I was on holiday when it was broadcast.  It was called Under Observation, and it was broadcast back in August.  It's the one where Jas finally decides to report Al for stalking her.  A slightly unusual episode, because there is no "story of the day" - it's all serial.  There's a 2-minute clip on the BBC website, if you're interested, here.

If you've signed up for the Festival, then do come along.  Somewhere in your delegate pack you'll find links to a copy of the commissioning paperwork, my screenplay and the final episode, as broadcast.  It's called "Script to Screen" and I guess that's what we'll be discussing.  If you haven't signed up for the Festival already, then it's probably too late - I think they've sold out.

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Klas said...

We'll be present at the London SWF as exhibitors with our Magical Typewriter. (https://plotagon.com) If you have the wherewithal to take it for a spin (it is a free download) we would very much appreciate your feedback. Looking forward to hearing your speech!