Monday, 25 March 2013

New home, new garden, same shed

We've moved house.  We haven't actually told very many people about this.  But, what with e-mail and postal re-direction services, who really needs to know where we actually live?

But this has meant that I have been ousted from my shed-like garden office since way before Christmas.  Some very nice men came and tore it down (as gently as they could) and took it away into storage. 

Anyway, it's now been returned and reconstructed.  Electricity and telecommunications have been restored.  Fresh coat of paint on the outside, new carpet inside.  And here it is, in situ...

So, I'm back at my desk.  But it feels a bit strange.  This is how The Doctor must feel.  Inside it's much the same, but the view out the window is wrong.

Same old procrastination though.  Here I am, at my desk, ready to get started.  And what's the first thing I write in my new shed-like office...  a blog post.  Not that I've blogged about anything other than upcoming episodes of Doctors for a very long time.

Maybe I should do a quick update...


Well, we've moved.  Like I said.

I've been writing lots of Doctors episodes.  Currently on my seventeenth.  Fingers crossed, I'll get many more.

And I'm working on a new thing.  Well, it's been around for a while, actually, but it's building up a head of steam of sorts.  It's a spec TV drama set in Bethlem Hospital in the 1850's.  I got some money from the wonderful Wellcome Trust to do loads of historical research, and now I'm working up a first draft of a first ep.  All I have to do now is write it.  And sell it.

Nice speaking to you all again.  Do pop round for a cup of tea, anytime you like.  If you can find us.


William Gallaghet said...

I'll bring biscuits.


Anonymous said...

Looks nice. :) 17 episodes AND a new project...ooh, aren't you a busy boy.