Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Ten Million

Last night's EastEnders had 9.45 million viewers. And almost reached 10m once the BBC3 repeat is added in.

And there's still the weekend omnibus broadcast to go.

Plus anyone who ends up watching it in Ireland, or America, or anywhere else it's shown.

Ten million people.

Numbers like this just leave me gobsmacked.


Tom Murphy said...

Great stuff - well done Paul

Fiona Joseph said...

Though it was a cracking episode Paul. That Janine is such a minx!

Danny Stack said...

Top banana!

Michael Davies said...

Just caught up with it - fine work, young man! After a strange couple of eps at the back end of last week, it felt like EE was back in the groove... Love the wasps parallel - keep up the good work.

John said...

Looking forward to catching up with it!

Antonia said...

Cor blimey!