Thursday, 30 April 2009

Writers' Academy Reminders

Two reminders...

For anyone thinking of applying, a reminder that the deadline is imminent (5 May, I think).

And for me, I got a nice reminder yesterday of my time at Borehamwood in the form of an Article by Ellie Baldock in She came along for a day while I was doing the classroom part of the Academy, took a few pictures, asked a few questions, and sat in on the day's lectures and exercises. It's a great article, and well worth a read if you're not sure whether or not to apply this year. is a subscription site, so I can't link to the article, but the annual fee is a snip at not-very-much and worth it for this article alone!

In the meantime, here's a picture which I have unashamedly lifted from Ellie's article - I'm sure she won't mind!


Julian Friedmann said...

Thanks for the plug Paul; pity you are not a member especially since it is a snip! And there are 700 other articles available to members.
Julian (Friedmann)

Paul Campbell said...

But I am a member, Julian!

How else would I have seen the article?

It's just that I can't link to it from here because non-members won't be able to follow the link unless they make the very sensible decision to join.

C said...

Julian's had a loooong week...