Monday, 9 March 2009

Who's the Daddy?

No blogging for the last month or so.

And no writing either (so much for February being "Spec Script Month"!)

I've been Daddy instead. Carolyn went back to work for a few weeks to remind herself of what it's like, and to remind the Department that she still exists and will be with them again in November.

So, I stayed at home, did the school run, looked after the little-un, etc. It was fun, but quite exhausting in its own way. And I'm quite relieved to be back at the keyboard this morning.

Now, where was I...?


Splinter073 said...

Hi Paul!

Glad you're back!

Your Blog inspired me, in early January, to try my hand at scriptwriting.

After reading all of your archives I decided that it's really something I want to get into.

In fact, your comeback today has also inspired me to write my own blog:

The Undiscovered Scriptwriter

Keep up the good work!

Paul Campbell said...


I feel all responsible now.

Good luck.