Thursday, 26 March 2009


OK, so I've been working on my spec project, Project X (I must stop calling it "Project X" or people will start thinking that's what it's called. From now on it's "OPFK").

It's 6 x 60 minutes. Series with a wee bit of serial. Post-watershed. Genre. Think CSI meets Minority Report meets Casualty meets... hmm.

Anyway, the intention was to write a pilot. A first episode.

But you have to know where you're going, right? And you have to know the world inside out. And you have to be confident that you've got enough stories to fill six hours of prime time television to bursting point. With something in reserve for Series Two.

So, I've been working on the outlines of a Series Bible - character sketches, story outlines, fleshing out the world of OPFK, tying down the structure of a typical episode.

It's been fun. And, the more I do it, the richer it all becomes. But, sooner or later, I have to do some actual real proper writing.

I love this concept. I love the stories. And I really can't wait to start writing it. So why, now the moment has come, do I feel reluctant to get started?


Ângelo Fernandes said...

I know the feeling :)

I've been working since August 08 in a new show.
the curious fact was that the Pilot was quite easy to write it, but the second's been very dificult to pull it of.

Nevertheless I know what you're feeling and that's great, you know it too.

John said...

I know what you mean. You work and work on character, story, plot, world, your fingers burning to sit down and start on the actual script and then the time comes and.... suddenly it seems your plants desperately need watering, and you've just GOT to fix that shelf, do that extra bit of "research" or... whatever. I end up feeling all anxious. For me, it's fear about getting it right, not messing it up, etc. There are so many possibilites when you are still playing around with character and story. And that's great. But when you sit down to write, you have to start making decisions. And that's scary. Cause are you making the right one? At the end of the day you have to believe in the research you've done, the story and characters you have, the reason you wanted to write it in the first place and.... just start. You'll be loving it after an hour or so. Go for it, Sir!!!

Sally A said...

Paul, I'm so there with you mate. I guess the thing to always remember is - get it written don't worry about getting it right. That's what the redrafts are for. The first draft will very possibly be dodgy - but that's what a first draft's for. And, as we know, writing a first draft can be more painful than labour... G'wan sir!!!

Michelle Goode said...

Know the feeling! I think most of the excitement is in the planning, as that's when you're speeding along and enjoying those "light bulb" moments. But it really is worth it once you get stuck into the first ep because you can really sense the character's needs and direction. Planning for a TV series is incredibly hard, so pat yourself on the back for that, take a kit kat break and then force yourself to start off that first ep... You'll soon get into it :)

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