Thursday, 27 November 2008


Nothing much to say.

Just checking in, really.

Busy, busy, busy on that Holby script for the last few months. Draft #5 is currently with the head honcho. Fingers crossed.

Looks as though I should have entered the Red Planet competition this year - they seem to have given free passes to almost every blogger who applied*. So, they're all into the next round, and the knives will come out. Now we'll really see just how supportive the blogosphere is when the chips are really down! There can be only one.

I told you there wasn't much to say.

* Rapid edit and grovelling apology to anyone who might conceivably have taken this the wrong way - I wouldn't want to suggest in any way or form that those who successfully got through didn't do so entirely on their merits. I'm delighted for all of them and share in their excitement. Really, I do. Honest Injun.


Phill Barron said...

Wait a minute ... are you suggesting the bloggers through to the next round haven't EARNED the right to be there?

And I thought you were such a nice man.

Paul Campbell said...


That's the problem with these tricksy word thingies. Sometimes they just don't say what you thought they said.

Rapid edit and grovelling apology now installed.

Lara said...

Yes, support will be interesting in the months to come...we'll watch from a safe distance! Looks like you and I in the corner getting pissed on our non-celebratory ownsome at Dover Castle! lol.

Chip Smith said...

I must've mislaid my 'Red Planet/Blogger Free Pass' this year - anyone got a spare one? ;-)

Tim Clague said...

Actually Paul I know what you mean