Tuesday, 4 November 2008

EastEnders debrief

Sorry for the silence everyone. We've been on holiday to not-so-sunny Sussex and got back at the weekend. Then straight into a marathon notes session on my second draft of Holby.

Thank you so much for all the nice comments (and the delightful gift that came through the post from a certain generous blogger).

I was delighted with the episode and can't wait to have another go. OK, so I thought Peggy's costume could have been a bit classier. The gunshot could have been louder. And they added one line (only one!) which I absolutely hated. But everything else was glorious (well, OK, it was just an episode of EastEnders, but I enjoyed it).

And those weird helicopters at the end... Don't know where they came from because they definitely weren't in the script. A bit OTT, really. Actually, I was there on set when they shot those scenes with the police raid etc, and they had real sound problems with aeroplanes constantly flying overhead. So, maybe the sound quality was bad and they decided to hide the sound of planes with the sound of a chopper? Who knows?

Apparently, a couple of clips even made it onto Harry Hill - so there's fame for you! Do you think I get a repeat fee?


Lara said...

Harry Hill? That's it - you've made it, Paul! Well done again, mate! x

Lucy said...

I finally saw it the other day - somehow I missed it last Monday, which hardly ever happens. Thank goodness for iPlayer! Nice one Paul, you've arrived...

Kris said...

Hey Paul - apologies for 'crashing in' on your blog - it appeared on my Google Alerts e-mails with the term 'EastEnders'!

I work with the soaps on a day-to-day basis and want to break into the world of script writing, especially EastEnders so I thought I'd drop you a line to see if you could offer me some words of wisdom!

I tried looking for an e-mail address on your blog, but understandably it isn't anywhere - the joys of spam...

Maybe you could drop me a line? No worries if not.



Fantastic EastEnders script last Monday - I thought it was a fantastic episode. Definitely agree about the unnecessary helicopter noises. There were also unnecessary light flickering noises in the hour special, too!

Paul Campbell said...


paul dot campbell 4 at btinternet dot com