Friday, 7 November 2008


Imagine a queue of people stretching from New York City to Los Angeles.

Or imagine Wembley Stadium filled to capacity every single day for three months.

According to Broadcast, that's how many people watched my episode of EastEnders.

It was the eighth most popular thing on British television that week, beaten only by The X Factor, three episodes of Coronation Street, Strictly Come Dancing, Thursday's hour-long EastEnders special, and, wonderfully, Antiques Roadshow.

8.84 million people.

36.76% of all people watching TV in the UK at the time.

Plus a few more watching the omnibus, or catching up on iPlayer.

If they sat down and watched it one at a time, they'd still be watching in five hundred years time.

Of course, only about 6 of them were watching because they knew it was my episode.

That's a queue of people stretching all the way from my front door to... the bottom of the steps.


Lucy said...

That is so cool. Well done Paulio.

One day 8 million people will watch my TV episode of...something.

John said...

Fab, Paul. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Paul - that is awesome news, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! We novelists can only dream of such figures...

Piers said...

Hey, come on, with those of us who PVRed it for viewing later the queue must be at least three paces into the street.

Mark said...

Congrats Paul!

Just wondered if you were planning on posting up a more detailed entry on your experiences of writing the episode?

Pretty please?!

Oli said...

That is... that is, just an insane amount of people. Well done doesn't cover it.

Danny Stack said...

A SWAT team for your first ep, and helicopters! How. Cool. Is. That?

David Lemon said...

Just coming in fashionably late with the congrats. A well deserved success Sir.