Sunday, 21 September 2008

Not that prolific. Not yet.

I bumped into a neighbour yesterday. She asked how EastEnders was going and when she might see my name on screen.

I told her - Monday 27 October.

"Is that when you start?" she asked.

"That's the date my episode is being broadcast" I replied.

She looked bemused.

"I might be doing another one in December" I said, trying to impress. But it was too late. The damage was done. Now she knows that there are dozens of people writing for EastEnders, not just me.

I do like the idea that she thought I was carrying the entire weight of the BBC's flagship drama on my shoulders, sitting in my little shed knocking out four half-hour episodes a week.

On the other hand, she clearly doesn't think that writing a soap is anything like hard work.


Andy Phillips said...

Point of view's a funny thing. She's like, 'What just an episode?' I'm like 'WOW! Did you get to write any lines for Dot?'

Michael said...

When I was a freelance Stage Manager, signing on in between jobs was like this all the time. "So you're just looking for part-time work, then?" "Um, no..." "Well, theatres are only open at night, aren't they?" - or, even more professionally edifying: "I suppose it'll be difficult over the next few months now that the students are all back from university..."