Thursday, 21 August 2008

Fun on the Square

I'm just about to start my commission for Holby City. I've got the commissioning docs and I'm just trying to bury myself in old eps and let that whole Holby thing get into my bloodstream. Definitely looking forward to it. I popped into their offices yesterday to meet my lovely new script editor and to take another look around the sets.

And the reason I was there was because I went along to watch my EastEnders script being shot - yahoo! For those not in the know, both shows are shot at the BBC studios in Elstree.

It was great fun. Many thanks to all those involved in letting me hang around in the background and for humouring the writer. I particularly enjoyed watching the "drums" shot - the final scene of the episode where you hear the drums of the closing credits beating in the background.

I can't say much about what happened because it's all confidential. But I'll maybe blog a bit more about the whole process once it's been broadcast (27 Oct).


Jason Arnopp said...

How. Exciting. Is. That?

Rhetorical question, no need to answer. Nothing to see here.

Piers said...

I shall put the date in the diary.

John said...

Did you get to go in the Vic and walk around the square??? I'd be so UNCOOL in that situation. I wouldn't be able to pretend to be blasè about it at all. I'd be like, "It's Dot.... and the launderette... and Arthur's bench... awww..."

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing it onscreen. Maybe you could blog a bit more about the process after it has aired - talk about how you wrote certain scenes and the structure etc. Sure there would be a lot of interest for it.