Sunday, 4 November 2007

At last...

I'm an embarrassingly bad geek. Which means I'm not really a geek at all. I'm a sort of wannabe geek.

So it follows that I'm not a fully-fledged Whovian either. But I have spent a few idle moments wondering which of the classic series Dr Who monsters I would bring back if I were given the chance (which I will be, one day - just you watch!).

And it had to be the Sontarans - always much scarier than the daleks or the cybermen.

So, this picture has delighted me.

And the really surreal aspect of it all is that the Sontaran is being played by cool Mike from The Young Ones

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Sheikspear said...

Hi Paul!
Re Dr Who...
Why not send Sir Russel T a copy of your noir/fantasy Doctors episode as a calling card..?

They signed the great James Moran 'cos of Severance..