Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Academy Update

Things are getting serious now.

There's been a lot of classroom stuff and a lot of writing exercises, but, all of a sudden, it begins to feel very real.

We have now been entrusted with the highly confidential 'Bibles' for three of the BBC's continuing drama shows - Doctors, Casualty and Holby City. We'll get the EastEnders one soon.

We've written two "dry run" episodes of Doctors, but now we've pitched for the real thing. Homework for the rest of this week is to produce a Scene by Scene for discussion and, hopefully, approval on Monday.

But, most significantly, we're now visited all the sets and are proud owners of 'Casualty' tee-shirts and pens.

This is really going to happen.


Lucy said...

Tres cool my friend. I effing love Holby City. JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! But stand by for a post on Holby in my "10 on TV Drama" because the peeps who make the show will clearly have read it and when you pitch you don't want to look silly...

thefatman said...

Not sure about that photo?!

I look a bit too much like I'm holding court... undoubtly I was saying something very boring...