Monday, 17 September 2007


These images appear on the Writers Academy group page on Facebook. I'm the one in the green t-shirt and the grey hair.

What a happy bunch of folk we are!

We did a quick tour of Holby too, but the only photo has us standing next to an anonymous ambulance with a wreath.


Anonymous said...

My God you look so much younger than your blog photo. What's the average age of the academy I'm guessing 33.

Brenda N

Anonymous said...

Is the lady with the long brown hair dressed in green standing beside you in the Albert Square phot, am I mad or did she not play a cop in Eastenders?

Paul Campbell said...

The reason I look younger than the photo in my blog is that the photo in my blog isn't me!

But you're not the first to think so, Brenda. I think I'll change it.

And I will ask her, but I'm pretty sure that you're mad and that the answer's no.

Anonymous said...

Is her name Sophie Stanton?

Paul Campbell said...

Ah, DCI Marsden, you mean?

No. Definitely not.