Wednesday, 5 September 2007

2000 scripts orbiting Red Planet

This from Tony Jordan on the Red Planet website...

'Thanks to all who have entered for your interest and enthusiasm. We've had around two thousand entries to the competition, which is daunting but shows how much talent there is out there.'

Well,... no. But it does show how much desperation there is.

Anyway, the odds are looking good. A 0.05% chance of success.

I don't think I'll hold my breath.


Christine said...

The way I see it, getting to the second round will be a nice little feather in the cap, even without making it onto the podium.

Hmm, too many metaphors. Must cut back.

Oli said...

As you insinuate, you're not competing against 2000 genuine contenders. It's not a lottery.

If Zoetrope is anything to go by, 75% of the entries will probably be mind meltingly awful, and another 20% will be passable.

Just like the London marathon, there's only ever a few people who ever stand a chance of winning. Let's just hope I'm not the wanker in the chicken suit.