Friday, 27 July 2007


The annual Campbell treck to the beaches begins tomorrow (Saturday). Two weeks in North Devon. Can't wait.

But this year, it's going to be interrupted. On Wednesday night I come back to London to prepare myself for the Big Interview on Thursday. Then back down to Devon for the rest of the holiday.

I really hate the idea of breaking into my holiday for anything work-related. But, then I really want this job.

If I go to all this effort, and then miss out, boy will I be one unhappy bunny.


Piers said...

You'll do great.

Janice Okoh said...

I really hope you get it. Even if you don't the BBC appreciate talent and I am sure getting this far will have already opened more doors for you.

Stuart Perry said...

Paul, hope it went/is going well today. You damn well deserve to get it.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Lucy said...

Did you get it then???

And why didn't you tell me you were coming to Devon?? You coulda dropped in for a cuppa tea...