Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Who are you?

I'm intrigued.

I get a few simple visitor stats for this blog, telling me how many people visit etc . And it gives me some partial info on who you all are. Don't panic, I can't track you all down, but I do get to see many of your domain names.

So, I always know, for example, when Lesley's bored at the office!

But the intriguing thing is that I have one or more regular visitors from bbc.co.uk. I've no idea who they are, but I'd love to know.

So, if it's you, why not say hello? Or drop me an e-mail. I won't bite - I'm just curious.

I'm not going to type out my e-mail address here in case it gets picked up by some crawling bot thingy and I get added to hundreds of spam lists. But it's 'paul', then a dot, then 'campbell', followed by the numerical version of 'four'. And it's at btinternet.com

And if anyone else feels like saying hello, I'd love to hear from you.


Dom Carver said...


Mark said...

Haha, interesting stuff. Maybe its the folk at Doctors keeping a closer eye on you. ;)

Jason Arnopp said...

Hello to you sir! Stuart Perry tells me that your account of working on Doctors is must-read stuff, so I shall be digging back through your archives...

Paul Campbell said...

The guys and gals at the BBC must be shy!

Jason, the entry you probably want is this one. But, of course, all the entries in this blog are worth looking at!

Jamie said...

Hello. Me? I'm just an aspiring screenwriter who coincidentally came across your blog the same day your episode of Doctors had aired.

Wishing you well on the next one.